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for working. so was paris and so were key
the greater journey, americans in paris. >> i tell the story of who we are, what we've been through, what we've accomplished and what we've failed to accomplish, what we've accomplished about people who were here before we were to whom we owe more, far more than we generally appreciate. i hope that i make up for the failure that many people had when going to school and derstanding the joy of histor thehe please of history. yes we should know history because it makes us a better citizen, yes we should know history because it will help us in the roles of leadership and responsibility. but we should also know our history because it's part of the experience of being alive. why seal yourself up from that other time. it would be as if you sai there's no more music in my life, or art or theatre in my life or dance. >> charlie: david mccullough for thhour, next. every story needs a hero we can all root for. who beats the odds and comes out on top. but this isn't just a hollywood storyline. it's happening every day, all across america. every time a storefront opens. or the midnight oil is burned. o
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diplomacy. you don't ever mention the paris peace accords which were essential to allowing us to be able to withdraw. i do think we need to withdraw but we need to be pushing much, much harder on the diplomatic front with afghanistan, pakistan and the rest of the region. >> i think a formal accord would be desirable, i agree entirely. even so, it would probably be a fig leaf rather than an actual settlement to the problem there. if we don't get it or can't get it, that shouldn't stop us from going away. >> one of the things you point out in the piece which i thought was very striking was that there was all this opposition and huge intense opposition in this country to the bombing of cambodia because that was seen as crossing an international border. of course, we do that every week now in our drone attacks in pakistan which is it functionally exactly the same thing? pakistan has become a safe haven just as cambodia was and we follow in hot pursuit as it were. >> anyone who watches a war movie, when you have a tactical retreat, you leave one guy behind to cover and shoot. that's what you
the life of oakland writer gertrude stein and the art collected by her family while living in paris in the early 1900s. pbs correspondent spencer michels has the story. >> reporter: in turn of the century paris the american writer gertrude stein held court for avant garde painters and writers at the home she shared with her brothers and sister-in-law. she had been raised in oakland then went to baltimore, but paris was where the art scene was. century-old photographs of their apartments show the walls nearly hidden by paintings of picasso and others the families had bought cheaply. a collection that was dispersed over the years. today that amazing assemblage of groundbreaking art has been reassembled at the san francisco museum of modern art. >> the exhibition brings together over 150 pieces that were once owned by the steins, from five different continents, from public collections, from private collections, really from all over the world. >> reporter: janet bishop, one of the show's curators, said this wasn't any art collection. stein scoured art galleries and shows buying painting
: this is paris island, south carolina. >> reporter: as the sign makes clear on the way in here is where they make marines. and now this marine factory has a new foreman. >> what i would ask you to do. >> reporter: or more correctly forewoman. brigadier-general loretta reynolds. >> what was your first reaction when you found out you were getting this post? >> there are times now that i wake up in the morning and i say am i really here? am i really here at paris island. >> reporter: general reynolds took command of paris island on june 17th and she has already made history as the first woman to lead the marine recruiting depot here. it is a distinction she acknowledges but won't dwell on. >> am i a trail blazer here at the depot? yes, i happen to be the first female. it will be one for the history books and then we are all going to move on. >> reporter: one of only two female generals now active in the marine corps. >> is this the most challenging one. >> reporter: at 6 feet tall she cuts an impressive and potentially imposing figure but it is her stature as a leader that has earned her respect. a
. so was paris and so were key west, florida, in the cool months. the ranch near koch city, montana, kansas city, chicago, toronto and havana, cuba. the first one i wrote was up in michigan. written in paris in 1921. the last was old man at the bridge, cabled from barcelona in april of 1938. >> that was ernest hemingway in his own voice. now, here we have a man in the 1920s and '30s and beyond really experiencing much of the world. how much does it make it into his writing? did his readers learn about the larger world when they read his work? >> it's absolutely everywhere. in sun also rises is set in paris and it's a bullfight in spain, farewell to arms is a war in italy. to have and to have not in key west and cuba. it's remarkable. for him the bell tolls was the spanish-american war. i think it's a lesson for us today. americans tend to be a very insular, very cut off people and maybe hemingway is choosing that line from john dunn for whom the bells toll says it all. do not tend to ask for the bell tolls, it tolls for thee. wherever there was strife, wherever that was a war going
family and friends will hold a vigil for the good samaritan known as brother john. 29-year-old paris powell was shot and killed while serving food to the homeless. jade hernandez joins us with the emotional reaction from the widow. >> reporter: we're at the place where the deadly shooting has took place. you will also see where there are candles still burning for the 29-year-old good samaritan that was gunned down on wednesday. paris powell's wife wanted us to call her lollly. she still has a bullet lodged in her shoulder. we spoke to her and you can see she is a woman trying to wrap her head around the thing she has lost. her 29-year-old husband paris powell was known as brother john. powell, lollly and their two children were serving food to the homeless. paris, lollly, and one of their daughter's was hit. lolly was shot in her left shoulder. the bullet went through singing her hair. four months pregnant she says she is still in shock. >> i keep wracking my brain who could do this and why? i want the person to be caught. i want him to be caught. i mean, he didn't deserve it. >> rep
guest david mccullough has a new book about americans in paris. sounds like somebody wants to deduct his vacation. [laughter] a six-year-old beauty queen has retired. i'm not surprised -- she was starting to get crow's dimples. this is "the colbert report." captioning sponsored by comedy central ["the colbert report" theme music playing] [cheers and applause] thank you very much. woo! woo! boom boom boom boom! [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting stephen] [cheers and applause] welcome to the report. good to have you with us. that kind of chanting makes me want to say, you are the man! but -- [laughter] i don't want to get that wrong. [laughter] nation, we all know the gop's number one priority is to make sure obama is a one-term president. but i say, aim higher. make him a no-term president. let's build a time machine, go back to the 1970's, and convince young barack to go into dentistry! [laughter] he would have been good. i would have trusted him for that. [laughter] but on the slim chance that my time machine plan doesn't work, there may be another way to win. republicans have an edg
that was gunned down on saturday. paris powell wife still has a bullet in her shoulder. she is trying to wrap her head around what she has lost. her 29-year-old husband paris powell was known as brother john on the streets of oakland. powell, lolly, and two children were making nightly rounds on wednesday morning feeding homeless in the area when they stopped along 47th between international boulevard and san leandro street. someone pulled up along the van and opened fire. firing four shots. paris, lolly, and their three- year-old daughter was hit. >> he always gave his life. it didn't matter who you were. >> anybody can do a drive-by shooting. you are a coward. you took an innocent man's life. >> reporter: lolly was shot in her left shoulder. her three-year-old daughter was shot in her left arm. that bullet went straight through singing the little girl's hair. the 29-year-old good samaritan did not have any ties to gangs or a criminal past. a vigil is scheduled for tonight at 8:30 right here where the shooting took place. reporting live in oakland jade hernandez. >>> in overnight news one person
lessons home after living in paris. >> these were people who created the american look. people don't realize to what degree we are affected the french and by french history. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> oil companies make huge profits. >> last year, chevron made a lot of money. >> where does it go? >> every penny and more went into bringing energy to the world. >> the economy is tough right now, everywhere. >> we pumped $21 million into local economies, into small businesses, communities, equipment, materials. >> that money could make a big difference to a lot of people. >> and by the bill and melinda gates foundation. dedicated to the idea that all people deserve the chance to live a healthy productive life. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> woodruff: the debt ceiling deadlock in washington led to increasi
under fire in world war i, to experience the growth of american literary modernism in paris, he goes to the spanish civil war, he's back under fire in world war ii and as well as being a wonderful writer of fiction, he's also a journalist. he's travelling the globe to the greco-turkish war, he's a citizen of the world. >> how did he get here to key west? >> he arrived he ever in the year 1928. he was returning from paris with his second wife, pauline pfeiffer. she was pregnant with their first child, seven months pregnant. their idea was to, tha they acty took an ocean liner to cuba, took a ferry from cuba to key west. they were going to pick up a car here. pauline pfeiffer's rich uncle was giving them a car to drive to her family home in arkansas. the car wasn't ready when they got here, so the ford dealership gave them a little apartment and they spent six weeks here waiting for that car. during that time, hemmingway fell in love with the place. he met local people who took him out fishing. one of my friends likes to say probably the first time he got a 30-pound tarpin on a two-pou
? >> why did paris hilton abruptll leave? was it that question that ticked her off? >>> good morning, everyone. on this wednesday morning, george is off today and enjoying a little vaca with his family. glad to have david muir back with us. >> my 15 minutes aren't up. >> for some 200 million americans it's another day of record-breaking heat. 31 states under some kind of heat warning including all the major east coast cities and sam is going to be here to weigh in on that. >> feels like 134 degrees. hot across the pond from humble pie to custard pie, the latest into the high stakes drama for rupert murdoch and we'll have more -- you saw it right there. his wife stepping down to defend him as she takes down a protester. >> stepped in. she lulued. she didn't hesitate. >>> we begin with the dangerous heat that will not go away now moving to the east coast. matt gutman live in chicago where that city is right in the thick of the worst temperatures so far. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin and that heat that has pummeled the midwest heading your way, it's not so mu
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? she explains what happened to her exboy friend. and why was paris peaved? >>> should the pill cost nil? should infertility be infertila free? they are recommending that all insurers be required to cover contraceptives for women at no cost and the obama administration says it agrees. no surprise there. it means it could take affect for many plans in 2013. the panel argues that hatch of all have unintended pregnancies and end in abortion. so a greater use of contraception would reduce all of that, but many groups are strongly opposed. they note that pregnancy is not a disease and per fill tee is not a pathological condition to be suppressed. is and they recommend making this mandatory. let's see a clip. >> they are applying for my internship. they either get the job or they die. that's how it works should the government play a role in reproductive help? >> i think it is a very good idea to have contraception available to every group. at the end of the day it is better than having to deal with the abortion issue. however, i find it really upsetting. who is making these decisions? not cong
who helped so many. >> it was an emotional vigil honoring paris powell friday evening. his pregnant wife cried as she returned to the place where someone shot at the entire family killing paris powell, also known as brother john, lolita and her two young daughters survived a drive by shooting, but she can't go on without her husband. >> family, friends, and even strangers paid tribute to the man they say devoted his life to feeding the homeless and helping domestic violence victims in east oakland. it was right here that police say someone drove up to the family of four and opened fire after they gave a hot meal to this man, william holloway on 47th avenue. >> not a bad person. he doesn't have any enemies. >> brother john helped holloway for one year. he just started a new job recently and got out of homelessness. brother john was the nicest man he ever met. >> how many people get out of their bed at night to cook food for people and go around and take it to them while it's still hot? not very many. >> it's hard to imagine any good that will come out of this. but william hollow
, but today's move could be the beginning of the end of a case that seized attention from new york to paris. ron allen is at the courthouse in lower manhattan where it all unfolded today. ron, good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you, kate. yes, it was an amazing day down here. especially booze prosecutors seem so confident in their case against strauss-kahn and they never expressed any doubts publicly about the alleged victim's story. today they reveal she's been giving conflicting accounts about what happened that night and conflicting accounts of other aspects of her life. some of it very unflattering. now it seems this case may be falling apart. with his wife by his side and a smile on his face, dominique strauss-kahn left court, free on a $6 million bond. he returned to his luxury townhouse, but he's no longer required to stay there under house arrest, which cost him some $200,000 per month. a dramatic contrast to the may perp walk that led to his resignation as head of the imf and seemed to ruin his chances of becoming president of france. today his attorneys claimed vindication
was headed home to paris when new york city authorities boarded his flight here at kennedy airport and arrested him on sex crime charges. >> he sexually assaulted her and attempted to forcibly rape her. >> reporter: they did it because an immigrant hotel maid in one of the most luxurious hotels in manhattan accused him of trying to rape her. now dominique strauss-kahn stood before a new york city judge in handcuffs. the image was televised all over the world. but no one has seen or heard from his accuser. until now. her name is nafi diallo. a 32-year-old widow and mother of a teenage daughter, who was working at a maid at the sofitel hotel. for a woman who cannot read or write, it was, as she said, the best job she's's ever had. >> i loved the job. i know that if i work there, i can help myself and my daughter. we're going to have a good life with that job. i was very happy to have the job. >> reporter: that is, until may 14th. diallo says it was a typical afternoon. until she entered the $3,000 a night suite where strauss-kahn was staying. so, you went into 2806 not thinking anybo
at a military base in paris where they were welcomed home by family and friends. they were kidnapped 60 kilometers outside of kabul in 2009. the taliban claimed responsibility. germany's last hope in the singles competition in wimbledon has been knocked out. she lost to maria sharapova in six sets. she entered on a wild card after dealing with injuries. maria sharapova was too much of a horse to be reckoned with. >> leaving center court after her defeat, she can look back on may successful wimbledon 2011. she put up a fight against maria sharapova from the onset. she could not kekeep up the pressure. maria sharapova won the finals game after the fresh shut with the ace. >> the more experienced russian dominated and the second set. the germinative lost concentration and had several unforced errors. -- the german native lost concentration and had several unforced errors. share uphold the took the second and final set. -- maria sharapova took the second and final said. she goes on to face the czech republic's blair -- player. >> germany is facing nigeria and the lead with about 50 minutes
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 740 (some duplicates have been removed)